Top 5 Gift Ideas For Environment Enthusiasts!

Top 5 Gift Ideas For Environment Enthusiasts!

Did you know that households worldwide create 30% more waste than usual over the Christmas period? Christmas doesn’t have to be a burden on the planet. With a little effort and imagination, we can reduce the environmental impact of the holiday season. Here are some ideas to help celebrate the season while caring for the earth.

1. Eco-friendly gift bundles

We have the perfect gift bundle for you, ready and ‘plastic-free packed’. Not only are you saving time purchasing from store to store to make up the perfect gift box, you’re also self-consciously saving more waste in the process! Think about till slips, packets, packaging etc…

Bundles make the whole gift shopping process so much easier and safer. Our gift bundles comprise of all bestselling products. The products are carefully selected based on our expertise to complement each other. They will be beautifully packed in a gift box with a ribbon and the products are secured with wood wool – all completely plastic-free. We will add a personal hand written note, too!

Check them out – there is the perfect bundle for everyone.

2. Cozy Candles

Who doesn´t like cosiness in their home? Our hand-poured soy wax candle comes in an elegant, glass container with a wooden lid to protect the fragrance. Each candle is lovingly handcrafted with 100% natural soy wax, and a cotton wick. The candles have the most divine smell and make every house a cosy home! The best part: They come in a value pack, too!

3. Top 3 gifts under R100

If you are on a budget or just looking for a small gift, this is for you:

  • Stainless-Steel Straws are a must-have for everyone who wants a cool and stylish accessory for a drink on the go. Just pop them in your hand bag and use them in your cocktails and long drinks. They are so much better than the paper straws (and of course plastic straws).
  • Natural Yogi Baobab Cleansing Scrub Gift a ‘spa day’ in a tiny bottle. To mix with water and scrub the stress of the day, the month, or the year away. This all-natural offering even turns pink on addition of water, tuning us into the youthful energy of this colour – such a special gift! The scrub is supercharged with vitamin C from the baobab fruit powder, stimulating collagen production in the skin and in regulating pigmentation. Additionally, it has a whole load of ingredients that are only the best for your skin care:
  • Handmade Reusable Make-Up Pads are a ‘green alternative’ to cotton make-up removal pads – and they look so gorgeous! They are made from 100% pure cotton and a perfect gift to complement the giftees skin care routine. The soft and durable face rounds come in a pack of 5 and are absolutely practical. You can use them with the favourite organic face wash, to remove makeup or wash away impurities.

4. A Gift Card For A Favourite Store

One may say that gift cards are impersonal, but let´s be honest, if you get a gift card to a favourite local store, small business or restaurant, you’ve actually put some thought into it. Gift cards are flexible, allowing the giftee to choose what to buy. It´s also a good way for you to stay on budget. You don’t have to worry about spending just a little bit more for something you see that would be “perfect” but outside your limit.

It is so easy to give a gift card: For a ‘The Re-Store Gift Card’, for instance, simply choose your amount, add a nice note, add to cart, checkout and off the voucher goes. You can send it directly via mail to the recipient or send it to yourself, print it, slip it into a beautiful holiday card and write a sincere note.

5. Spend Some Time Together

A handwritten letter, a voucher for a home-made meal or just some “time” make the most amazing Christmas gifts. The thought behind a gift is what we all should focus on – acknowledgement, love and support.

Enjoy gifting and the festive season with your friends and family!

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