Sustainable travel essentials for your summer holidays

Eco Friendly Travel Essentials

Sustainable travel essentials for your summer holidays

Some of you might have planned a nice holiday trip, a family visit or a weekend away for this year´s summer holidays. Leave your own four walls behind and clear your head, whether by the sea or in the mountains. A break from everyday life – who doesn’t need that from time to time?

Even in the holiday season, you want to protect the environment and live with as less plastic and waste as possible. That’s why we have put together our travel essentials for you so you can recover from everyday stress and the planet from plastic pollution.

Sun protection

Especially during your summer vacation, you should also make sure to pack reef-friendly sunscreen. Protect yourself from dangerous sunrays and the oceans from microplastics and artificial UV filters. We have dedicated our own blog post to the subject of reef-friendly sunscreen. Have a look and find out more here.

Stay hydrated

We all know how important drinking is. Professionals advise that we rink 2-3 litre of water on hot summer days. Avoid unnecessary plastic bottles. A reusable water bottle is a way eco-friendlier and wallet-friendly choice. Our Eco Sports bottle not only looks super cool but is also perfect for any outdoor activities. It cannot break and is extremely light. The insulated bottle keeps your drinks cool for 24 hours, even on hot summer days.

Stash (almost) everything

Our new travel favourites are the silicone bags from Stasher. They are available in different sizes and are perfect to pack some snacks, sandwiches or fresh veggies for a road trip, hike or beach day. But that is not the only thing and that´s why we love them. Here are some more ways to use them on your adventures:

  • Store all your zero-waste items in like your reusable straw, utensils and produce bags in your stasher and pop it in your tote, so you’re always prepared to refuse single-use plastics on the go.
  • Pack your toiletries.
  • Keep your travel essentials all in one place, like your passport, boarding pass for flights, earbuds, IDs, booking confirmations….
  • Protect your electronics (phone, headphones, camera) while at the beach. 
  • Keep your car keys safe while kayaking or boating on a beautiful summer day. 
  • Fill it with ice and use it as a cooler pack. 
  • Store your compost on the go and then throw it in your compost pail when you get home (like banana peels and cherry pits). 
  • Fill with first aid supplies to have on hand at any given time. 
  • Organise your makeup to bring with you in your backpack or suitcase. 
  • Protect your essential oils while on the go (super helpful in case they spill!). 
  • Bring your vitamins, prescriptions, or supplements on a trip— you can bring the bottles in a half-gallon stasher bag, or just bring the pills you need (if you can identify them!) in a snack size. 
  • Keep your wet swimsuit separated from dry clothes in your travel bag. 
  • Contain the heat from your hair straightener or curling iron if you have to pack it in your bag while it’s still hot.
  • Store your kids’ Lego and other small toys to fight boredom. 

Sustainable toiletry bag

You can also do something for the environment when packing your toiletry bag. Avoid hygiene products that are packed in plastic and contain microplastics. In our shop you will find many products that can make your toiletry bag plastic-free. More advantages: You save weight and solid soaps and shampoos cannot leak. Check our blog article for How to pack a sustainable toiletry bag.

Double win

If you save weight on your luggage, it will not only benefit your back, but you will also save CO2 when traveling by car or plane. The heavier your luggage, the more CO2 is being generated.

Nice to know: Being on a road trip with family or a big group of friends can be very CO2 efficient as the CO2 emission per person is lower. Driving alone can be more harmful than using the plane. Seriously!

The Re-Store team wishes you a joyful festive season and save travels <3

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