The Apothecary Secret Weapon No. 1


This handy roll-on combats common skin problems in targeted areas. Secret Weapon 1 fights pimples and blackheads. Bacteria busting, anti-acne essential oils combine with light carrier oils that boost the health of your skin. This blend dissolves blockages and encourages cell repair so as to hasten recovery and prevent scarring.


Secret Weapon 1 soothes, heals, balances, disinfects and reduces inflammation.


Usage: Apply to problem areas as often as desired.


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Secret Weapon Acne

Brand: The Apothecary

Ingredients: Cedarwood Essential Oil (Organic), Grapeseed Oil (Organic), Hemp Seed Oil, Lavender Augustifolia Essential Oil (Organic), Rosemary Essential Oil (Organic), Tea Tree Essential Oil (Organic)

Size: 10 ml


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