Msulwa Life Organic Dental Floss


We all know we should floss more often! Dentists recommend doing it every day. This natural dental floss is a strong fibrous floss and is ‘grippy’, great for food traps. It is a completely natural, plastic free, plant-based dental floss that is made of Organic Corn Silk coated in Natural Candelilla Wax and flavoured with Natural Mint! If you have very close teeth, this floss will feel a little tight gliding between them, meaning you will get a great clean!


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Brand: Msulwa Life

Materials: The Packaging Is Recyclable Cardboard Box, The Bottle Is Made Of Glass, The Lid Is Metal, The Floss Is Natural Webbed Corn Silk, No Plastic

Size: 30 M

Benefits: Vegan, Organic, Eco-Friendly, Eco,Packaging, Plastic Free, Biodegradable, Zero Waste

Tip: When Your Floss Is Finished, We Encourage You To Keep The Glass Bottle And Use It For Storing Small Trinkets Like Earrings, Necklaces And Paper Clips.

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