KURO-Bo Natural Charcoal Filter Koins


This innovative ancient natural water filtration technology, used for centuries in Japan, is unlike any traditional filter available today – both in terms of health benefits, as well as its incredible eco-friendly credentials.

Essentially nature’s own toxin magnet, KURO-Bō is a unique 100% natural, recyclable and plastic-free filter made of pure activated charcoal that is scientifically proven to:


  • Purify * (removes heavy metals/chemicals)
  • Mineralise * (adds minerals, e.g., Mg, Ca)
  • Improve taste and odour (removes Chlorine)
  • Remove bacteria * (E. coli)
  • balances an acidic pH *


(*Tested in a SANAS-accredited Water Laboratory in Cape Town)


By adding KURO-Bō Koins to your water at home, ideally in glass, ceramic or stainless steel, you are not risking exposure to potentially toxic plastic bottles and the risk of leaching chemicals. Furthermore, 100% of KURO-Bō’s product and packaging is sustainable, biodegradable/compostable and recyclable. KURO-Bō shouts loud and proud, a firm “N-O” to single-use plastic.

The Koins provides 3+ months of daily naturally purified water on the go – up to 1L at a time. They are plastic-free, sustainable and recyclable in many eco-friendly ways. Ideally paired with the KURO-Bō Gō-Ecō Glass Bottles 1L or 550ml.


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Natural Charcoal Water Filter Koins

Brand: KURO-Bō



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