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Getafix CBD Oil Pet Friendly


Like many of us ‘hoomans’, your furry companion can suffer extreme anxiety, stress or trauma. With the Pet Friendly CBD Oil, you can prepare for these stressful situations for your pet and help to alleviate their discomfort. CBD has calming properties that benefit dogs and humans alike, and our Dogmatix CBD oil has been specially formulated to contain ZERO THC.

Not only does CBD have a calming, anti-anxiety effect, it also alleviates pain and discomfort caused from arthritis or other bone/muscle pain, with no harmful side effects.

One glass bottle packs 30-60 servings (depending on pet size).



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300mg Pet Friendly CBD Oil with Natural  Flavor (Zero THC – Safe For Pets!)

Brand: Getafix

Ingedrients: 100% Hemp Oil

Size: 30ml

Suggested Use: Shake Well Before Use. Just Apply Over The Top Of Food, Add To Water, Or Give Orally. For Smaller Dogs And Cats It Is Better To Give A 1/2 Drop, (0.5ml) Two To Three Times A Day Or As Needed And Increase The Dosage Until The Desired Effect Is Noticed. Also Consider That The Metabolism Of A Smaller Pet Can Be Faster. For Dogs Over 6kgs, Start With 1 Drop Twice A Day. Wait 1-2 Hours After Initial (First Time) Use To See How The Strength Level Of CBD May Affect Your Pet.



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