One year The Re-Store – A letter to our loyal customers and supporters

The Re-Store

One year The Re-Store – A letter to our loyal customers and supporters

Dear The Re-Store family,

It´s already been one year since we opened The Re-Store. We can´t believe it!

When we launched The Re-Store you could actually see the end-result of us planning, thinking, laughing, crying, brainstorming and researching for months before. We were contacting our first suppliers, looking for assistance in marketing, developing the website, buying our first products, writing product descriptions and creating content. Then the time had come…. on the 23rd March we announced: The Re-Store was born and open for Earth-conscious shopping.

However, this wasn´t the only news on that day. On the same evening, our president Cyril Ramaphosa announced the nationwide lockdown due to Corona-Virus. Even e-commerce was seriously restricted. That wasn´t ideal for two people who just started an e-commerce business. We knew we wouldn´t be able to sell all of our products that were included in our very first product launch as only essentials were allowed to be sold. Would it be worth it to continue at this stage or should we just wait it out and do a second launch after lockdown?

After all, we were under the impression that this lockdown would just last for three weeks as initially announced. How wrong we were.

And how lucky that we decided to continue anyway. The Re-Store was our baby and you can´t really stop raising your baby either, no matter what. We got the essential goods certificate that was required to sell online and put all in to get our brand´s name and philosophy out there to you, our valued customers.

Slowly but surely the Re-Store grew over the months. Not knowing where this journey would and will lead us, we have grown so much as people in this past year. We didn´t know what to expect when we started and we didn´t know if our idea would work, but our passion and belief in a better, more conscious world has driven us all the way.

In addition, our personal green journey evolved with The Re-Store growing: As we live what we stand for, we integrated most of the products that we are selling in our everyday lives, because we love them and we want to make sure that we know what we offer you. We started eco-bricking and shopping plastic free as best as we can. We reduced our takeaways, we bring our bamboo coffee mugs to outings and use our refillable water bottles everywhere we go. Small steps, day by day.

As we were on our journey raising our Re-Store baby, we figured how many amazing South African green businesses we have, too. From all-natural skin products over hair care and dental care to pet care, kitchen and braai goodies and composting aids….lots of good stuff is available in this beautiful country. We are super excited to discover more and make them accessible and affordable for everyone who want to do this journey with us.

The Re-Store has already grown in products and many amazing, friendly and conscious customers. The fact that so many of you are ordering repeatedly makes us unbelievable happy and proud. One once said “Everytime you buy something from a small business an actual person does a little happy dance!”. In our case, it is always TWO actual persons doing a little happy dance :)

So celebrating our first birthday, we want to say thank you to everyone who has supported us so far, either with kind words or orders. We are looking forward to many more amazing products, happy dances, new projects and ideas and greener, healthier planet Earth for us and our children!

Much love and green regards, Wiebke and Leon

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