Gifting for Christmas – but sustainable!

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Gifting for Christmas – but sustainable!

Are you one of those organized people who are already prepared for the coming holidays? Or do you still have plans to make and gifts to buy? Either way, why not take a second and look at some of your usual holiday purchases to see if you can make them more “sustainable?” Of course, you want to find that perfect gift for everyone to send acknowledgement, love and support — but what you don’t want to do is contribute to all the unnecessary waste that occurs during the most wonderful time of the year. In fact, one study found that we throw away 25 % more trash in December than any other time of the year. So, if your idea of the perfect gift includes being kind to the environment, then we have got some ideas for you:

1. Put together an “Eating on-the-go toolkit” for travel-lovers

The centrepiece of this toolkit would be the coconut cutlery set with bamboo straws and a cleaner. This travel set is perfect to keep in your bag! It is ideal for traveling, picnics, camping trips and even just to keep in your car for when you are out and about. This set is 100% biodegradable and great for our planet! You can add an eco coffee cup and a beautiful water bottle. These reusable on-the-go items are not only good for the environment but also for the wallet of the giftee. These single items make perfect gifts on their own as well!

2. Gift some beauty

Why not put together an awesome natural skin care package? An ideal combination would be:

  • ACV and Tea Tree Toner; it neutralizes the skins pH, helps clean out clogged pores and reduces scaring and pigmentation.
  • Moisturizing Day Cream; for everyone who wants to give their skin the best food that nature has to offer us. It smells and feels great.
  • Reusable make-up pads; the handmade reusable make-up pads are a green alternative to cotton make-up removal pads. They are made from 100% pure cotton, soft and durable.
  • Plaiin body scrubs; they are not only beautifully packed in a cotton string bag but are replenishing and exfoliating for the whole body and smell so yummy!
  • Lipbalm; The natural oils in our lip balm nourish and rehydrate your lips. It is ideal for dry, chapped lips and has even a natural SPF of 5.

3. Reusable Straws

500 million plastic straws, every day, are used and discarded in the US alone. It takes up to 200 years for a plastic straw to decompose. So, a good alternative are reusable straws. If your giftee like to go out for drinks this could be the perfect little gift for them. But it is also an ideal gift for kids!

The stainless steel “Restraws” are a must-have for everyone who wants a cool and stylish accessory for the drink on the go. They are available in trendy colours, as well as in bent or straight. The sleeves are made from 100% hemp fabric. Hemp is incredibly eco-friendly as it is rapidly renewable, requires little or no pesticides, grows without fertilizer, does not deplete soil nutrients and is easy to harvest.

The Silistraw is a reusable straw made from 100 % food-grade silicone. It can be easily cleaned, folded and stored in a convenient small capsule resulting in no mess. Silicone is non-toxic, BPA-free, durable, dishwasher friendly and has no metallic after taste. The Silistraw is cool and fun and especially ideal for kids. One thing we really like about these specifically is their silicone flex tip. These prevent all steel-to-teeth combat common with metal straws.

4. Stasher bags – the all-in-one wonders

A kitchen item might not be the first choice of everyone, but for food prep-lovers as well as for those who love all-in-one stuff, it is just the best gift. No other item has so many different ways to use them as the “Stashers”- from using them as snack bags, to-go-containers and storage bags for food left-overs to sous-vide-preparing, marinating and home-made ice cream freezing – these guys can do almost anything!

5. Reusable eco coffee cups

This is a great option for those coffee junkies or tea lovers in your life. When stopping by the local cafe is a staple in your friends’ lives, this is the gift that keeps on giving (for them and the planet)! And our reusable coffee cups come in different beautiful colours, too – the agony of choice

6. It does not always need to be material

A handwritten letter, a voucher for a home-made meal or just some “time” make the most amazing Christmas gifts. The thought behind a gift is what we all should focus on – acknowledgement, love and support.

Enjoy gifting and the festive season with your friends and family!

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