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Can I shop at The Re-Store during SA lockdown level 3?

Yes, we are able to process your orders and ship them due to level 3 lockdown regulations.

We process all orders with the necessary precautions and make sure you as well as each person involved in our shop remains safe during this period.

Please follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay updated in that concern.

What are your procedures in terms of hygiene and safety?

We do everything to keep our warehouse, our customers and each person who is involved with the Re-Store safe by taking the following hygienic and preventive measures:

  • Social distancing
  • Measuring our temperature frequently to ensure that we are healthy when processing your orders (we will stop operation immediately if we show any form of sickness)
  • Frequent and thorough cleaning
  • Continuous hand sanitation and hand-washing
  • Ensure that suppliers follow similar processes
  • Ensure our courier service provider has active sanitation processes and do low-contact deliveries
  • Maintaining current product prices on high-demand

We are implementing these preventive measures with immediate effect. We will continue to operate taking the above measures after lock-down period.

Our Shop

Why Should I shop at the Re-store?

Here are some good reasons to buy at The Re-Store:

  • We are offering eco-friendly alternatives for your everyday life items.
  • Our products are mostly plastic-free.
  • We aim to reduce single use-plastic, plastic in general, waste in general and support recycling and composting in each part of our business and in our private lives.
  • We are testing all products before we offer them in our shop.
  • We encourage you to do the first step towards a more conscious and eco-friendly lifestyle.
  • Our packaging is plastic free.
  • We are constantly working on getting better, finding more alternatives and making the process as easy as possible for you.
  • With shopping with us you support many families and communities that stand behind all the suppliers we are working with.

How do i place an order?

Simply choose the products you wish to order and click on the “add to cart”-button. Then go to “Cart” in the right top corner of our website to check your chosen items. Press “proceed to checkout” and type in your details. If you have a gift card or a coupon, you will be able to enter the codes here as well. Choose your preferred payment option and “place order”. Once you have paid you will receive an order confirmation to your email-address.

What happens if an item I ordered is out of stock?

You will receive a warning if an item you ordered is out of stock. Please remove it from your cart to proceed the order. We constantly keep track of our inventory and will order new stock as soon as possible.

I want to surprise someone. Can I buy a gift card for the re-store?

Yes! You will find our gift cards listed in the online shop. Simply choose the amount you wish to gift (amount from 150 – 1000 are available). Fill out the necessary information: Your name, email and the message you wish to send to the recipient. Once your order has been paid for; an email with your message, the unique gift card code and amount will automatically be emailed to the gift recipient.

How do i use a gift card or coupon in the re-store?

You will be provided with a unique code. You will be able to enter the code on the checkout-page. You will find the coupon-option in the beginning of the page and the gift card option below the payment options on the bottom of the page. Your gift card or coupon amount will be automatically applied to your order.

Delivery & Payment Options 

What are my payment options? 

We currently offer the following payment methods: 

  • EFT 
  • Credit Card 
  • Masterpass
  • Instant EFT

How long does delivery take? 

We dispatch all orders, as soon as possible after receiving payment confirmation. Once your payment is reflecting on our account, we process your order and hand it over to our courier service provider “My Courier”. 

Once your parcel is handed over to the courier, delivery takes 1 to 4 working days depending on the order’s destination and the chosen option:

  • Local deliveries (Cape Town area): 1-2 days
  • Overnight Express: 1-2 days
  • Road freight: 3-4 days

What happens if there is no one home when a courier delivery is attempted?

Deliveries are made Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, so you should always provide a delivery address where there will be an appropriate person to sign for the delivery during these times. The courier will contact you when your order is about to be delivered. If there is no one to accept the delivery the courier company will contact the recipient so that a new delivery day can be arranged.

How can I track my order?

You will receive an e-mail with your parcel’s tracking information. You can then track your parcel on the courier´s website . My Courier will contact you when your order is about to be delivered.

What is the cost of delivery?

The cost for deliveries varies depending on where the order is going and the weight of the parcel, if the parcel weighs over 2 kg. The delivery charge will be calculated automatically in your checkout.

  • Shipping costs for addresses in the Cape Town area will start from 53 ZAR.
  • Shipping costs for addresses outside of Cape Town area will start from 120 ZAR.

You will have the choice between the Overnight Express option and Road Freight option.

Please be advised that there will be surcharges for the following areas:

  • Remote – Areas aren’t a regular area for delivery and require a vehicle either veer off course or drive through specially for this one parcel
  • Township – These areas tend to be difficult to deliver to as there are often no street names or numbers
  • High Risk – Areas that are prone to violence and theft

Why is there a plastic sleeve on my parcel?

To process your order and deliver to you as soon as possible there must be a certain process to be followed. This includes that your parcel can be clearly assigned to you by both the courier service and us as we get many orders each day. For that, your details and your waybill-number must be visible outside on the package protected from water and heat. There are currently two options to do that: thermos-stickers or plastic sleeves. As both options are not plastic-free, we decided for the sleeves because it is easier to remove from the box, which then can be reused or recycled by you. The plastic sleeve can be eco-bricked. We haven´t found a plastic-free alternative for that, but we are on it! Thank you for understanding.

Damages and Returns 

What do I do if I receive goods damaged or broken in transit?

If you do not receive your order in mint condition or if anything is broken or damaged please let us know immediately so that we can ensure the situation is rectified.

Contact us at

What do I do if I wish to return something I purchased?

You are welcome to return any good purchased within 7 days of receiving the item. Unfortunately, we can only accept goods for return that are still in their original unopened packaging. Please see our Refund Policy for more details.