Light-weight and eco-friendly toiletry travel bag

Light-weight and eco-friendly toiletry travel bag

I love travelling. I travelled South America with my backpack, visited several European cities and walked the whole country of Spain twice! This is also how I met Leon, by the way.

Those who are travel enthusiasts like me know that the toiletry bag is one of the most important things to plan and pack. It can become pretty heavy and weight is quite an important factor when it comes to backpacking, especially combined with a long-distance hike. As I spent quite some time to perfect my travel toiletry bag by taking only what I really need, packing it as light as possible and at the same time making it as eco-friendly as possible, I decided to share my packing list with you:

To pack

My personal comment

Approx. Weight (g)

Toiletry Bag

I bought one from Jack Wolfskin. It has a hook to hang the bag up which is super handy during a trip with changing accommodations. When you sleep in hostels/bunkbeds you can also hang it up at the bed and use it as bedside cabinet. Besides, Jack Wolfskin takes corporate responsibility and engages in eco-friendly activities.



I use toothpaste bits; they are super light and you can calculate the days and the tabs that you will need for your trip.


Bamboo toothbrush from Simply Bamboo, sustainable and super light.


Toothbrush Travel Case
Simply Bamboo. Practical because it works as a toothbrush holder on every sink.


With a hair soap bar or a shampoo bar, you can theoretically use the foam for your whole body. Use a little soap saver/container to store it in.


Face cream
Back to Nature’s Night cream is great for hiking because it is so replenishing when you are outdoors the whole day. I scoop it over to an empty aluminium tub, because it’s lighter than the glass tub. If you do not mind the weight, simply stick with the glass.


Small (wooden) comb


Menstrual Cup
Better than tampons because it is completely waste free, plus you don’t need to swap so often!


Every girl needs a hairband or two!


Laundry detergent
Cut small a piece off the laundry stick for handwashing clothes on the move.


Natural Yogi Deodorant is the natural way to go. If you’re worry about the weight, simply scoop it over to an empty aluminium tub. Alternatively, you can go with the smaller 28 ml tub.


Safety razor. It is light and one blade lasts quite long.


Makeup and sun protection
Sometimes I just like to get some colour in my face. Mascara is enough for me, though I haven’t found a sustainable version yet. The Active Zinc Sun Shield from Back 2 Nature gives you matte coverage plus sun protection at the same time.


Nail clippers and a nail file


Some loose cotton earbuds with a wooden or paper stem.


Personal requirements
Dental floss in a small glass tub, medication etc.




A toiletry bag is certainly a very personal thing. Everyone has different requirements and that’s why the content can vary, but you can use this list as an eco-friendly inspiration.

I can get by for approximately a month with this toiletry bag. I hope to have my backpack on very soon again and perhaps walk through Spain a third time. Where is your next trip going to?

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