DOS and DON´TS for your menstrual cycle

DOS and DON´TS for your menstrual cycle

The menstruation accompanies us women over decades and is the most natural thing in the world. Yet dealing with it can be challenging every single month. However, it doesn´t have to be! I would like to share some Dos and Don´ts that can promote your well-being during menstrual cycle. Feel free to share with your colleagues, friends, sisters and other menstruating people in your life. However, everybody and every body is different and may need different things to support the cycle. So please see these as ideas and inspirations.

1. DO: Track your cycle

Within your cycle you go through 4 phases: The menstrual phase (days 1-5), follicular phase (days 6 -13), ovulation phase (day 14), luteal phase (day 15-28)*. Your hormone levels (oestrogen and progesterone) are changing throughout the menstrual cycle and can cause menstrual “symptoms”. It´s worth it to track your cycle and be aware of in what phase you are. You will find that you feel different in the different phases and that you will need different things each phase. It will help you to understand your own changes a lot better, for example to anticipate sadness, or frustration. This way you can go through the cycle phases with more love and kindness towards yourself.

I, for instance, know that a lot of warmth during menstruation is good for me. After my menstruation and around my ovulation I am much more active, motivated and creative and often in a better mood. Just before menstruation, I feel often sad or irritated. When I know it is this time of the month, I can be more aware of that and also not hurt people, just because I am overwhelmed by my feelings.

2. DO: Plan accordingly and be gentle towards yourself

Knowing this helps also to plan your diary. You can plan activities around your emotions and energy levels.

Especially before and during menstruation it makes sense to pull back a little, do comfortable and relaxing yoga, light candles, use pleasant scents, take a bath, watch a favourite film, read a good book and listen to relaxing music. Loud parties and many people are counterproductive. It is particularly important to listen to yourself and to calmly approach or even cancel events, appointments and planned events.

Be sure to keep hectic social occasions and back-to-back meetings to a minimum not only in your menstruation phase but also in the luteal phase when PMS can kick in.

Make dentist or tattoo appointments in your follicular phase. We are in general more pain resistant in this phase.

If you struggle a lot with PMS we can recommend this hormone balance tincture. It helps balance out your hormones in a natural way and can prevent challenging symptoms.

3. DO: Warmth

Warmth during menstruation is a go-to for many women. Stomach and lower back should be cozy and warm as long as you are in your period as it relaxes the abdomen and relieves any pain. There are many ways to get warmer during this crucial time: with hot water bottles, a warm blanket, warm socks, hot teas, warm clothing or warm food. I personally love to take a hot bath. I would always light some candle, play some meditation music or enjoy the silence and indulge in the relaxing scents of my bath salts. If you don´t have a bathtub, a hot shower can be just as good.

4. DO: Maintain a healthy nutrition

Because of bleeding, iron is a crucial mineral for many women. Many leafy greens can help (and also meat, if you eat meat). You can maximise iron absorption by eating pulses with sulphur-rich foods such as garlic and onion, and combine plant-based iron sources like spinach with ingredients high in vitamin C or simply eat an orange with it. Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits and have your meals colourful. That supplies you with all the important vitamins and minerals. A positive side effect is that it also makes you feel healthier and better about yourself.

5. DON´T: Always Indulge Cravings

You might feel like it’s okay to give in during your period and scarf down the chips and chocolate but make sure you set a limit. Salt and sugar rich foods may taste good but will only add to bloating and severity of period symptoms. If you still want to indulge a bit and chocolate is your go-to, I am happy to share my favourite hot chocolate recipe with you that you can drink guilt free.

6. DO: Find the right menstrual products

This is different for every single person. You might prefer pads or tampons. Or you are using a combination of both, it doesn´t matter as long as you feel comfortable, relaxed and safe.

If you are looking for eco-friendly options, we have some alternatives for you. The Anna Pure Organic Sanitary Pads and Panty Liners are a good alternative to conventional disposable pads and liners. They are still disposable but contain no plastic, so are better for the Earth. However, we do also have a reusable option for you. You can get our MoonTime Sanitary pads in different sizes according to your flow and even different colours. They are super easy to handle and they last you for a few years with good care. A third option is a menstrual cup. It takes some practice but once you got the hang of it, it is super easy and practical. Read more about menstrual cups, how to use them, as well as advantages and disadvantages.

There are a few other alternatives here, and I’m sure different people will prefer different variants.

7. DO: Give yourself some massages, breathe and accept

You may get lower back and abdominal pain before and during your period. You can gently massage your body and especially these parts of the body with your favourite massage oil. We recommend this awesome Breast and Chest Massage Oil, which doesn´t only work a breast massage but for the whole body. Maybe you can even ask your partner to pamper you with a massage.

What can also help when you experience pain during menstruation is conscious breathing. Sometimes the pain comes in waves. You can then breathe very mindfully and deeply when a wave of pain occurs. In through the nose, out through the mouth. You can combine the massages with the conscious breathing.

Tell yourself that it is okay for the pain to be there (because it is). Welcoming the pain and accepting it in that way makes it often less painful and nerve wrecking in my experience. Whether breathing really helps also depends on the severity of the pain and can vary from person to person.

8. DO: Movement

Actually, especially when you are in severe pain due to the period, you just want to lie in bed, and do nothing. However, the opposite sometimes works better. Take a stroll through the park or at the beach during menstruation, practice yoga and dance to good music. Movement in particular should also have an antispasmodic effect. As long as you don’t exhaust yourself completely and listen to your own body and its limits. Other physical pleasures, such as sex, can also help with period pain. So enjoy your pleasure even during the period.

9. DO: CBD oil

We’ve heard from other women that CBD oil can help with period pain. CBD compounds have been studied and proven to treat and relieve symptoms such as chronic pain, inflammation and anxiety, to name a few. Since many of these symptoms often present themselves to women who suffer from PMS, CBD may influence the menstrual “symptoms” positively. Read more about our highly efficient Getafix nano CBD oil and it´s benefits.

10. DON'T: Be ashamed of your period

Menstruation is an absolutely natural and sensible process and there is nothing to be ashamed of!

11. DON’T: Say sentences like: "You are so emotional, do you have your period?", "My colleague is so upset today, that's certainly because she has her period."

Yes, our menstruation may affect our emotional mood. The fact that menstruating people are annoyed, angry, tense, determined, loud or energetic can also simply be due to the fact that we are people with different feelings and moods. Blaming feelings such as sadness, anger or aggressiveness on menstruation devalues ​​the feeling. Women are allowed to get angry, upset and loud. That only makes us human. So let’s speak openly about conflict and emotions. No matter what phase of the cycle!

12. DON’T: Exhaust yourself completely

During menstruation, the female body is already working very actively, after all, it is about cleaning the uterus, flushing out the uterine lining, getting rid of old things and preparing for a fresh start and a new egg. It takes energy, we lose blood, and we may even be in pain. That’s why, in my opinion, it’s important to slow down a bit and not necessarily do a major home renovation or move during the period. In any case, I have a tendency to get sick when I overwhelm myself with menstruation. Pay attention to your resources and allow yourself to listen to your body!

13. DO: Hug yourself, you are a goddess

Our body does amazing things during the cycle. Many, many years ago, women were seen as goddesses because they can bleed without dying. I personally really like this picture and it clearly shows what is special about menstruation. Therefore, let’s hug ourselves and see the goddess in us!

Do you have any more tips about the cycle? Please share in the comments! We are curious to hear what´s your dos and don´ts!

* The times when you are in what phase is just an estimate; the amount of days can vary from women to women and from cycle to cycle.

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