Why A Shampoo Bar Is The Ultimate Bathroom Swap!

Shampoo Bars and Hair Soaps Here at the Re-Store we are doing our best to fight against plastic pollution and to create more awareness about how to live with less waste – in the shop and privately. So today, I want to talk about solid hair shampoo and hair soaps....

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Think pink, live green – 5 principles of an Earth-conscious lifestyle that can also prevent breast cancer

Did you know that 1 in 27 South African women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime? This is why we support this awareness and strive to encourage a healthy way of living. The risk of developing breast cancer is linked to many environmental factors. Following an Earth-conscious lifestyle can help.Environmental...

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Soul Warming Hot Drinks

Three soul warming hot drinks

As we are looking towards winter and a longer period of cold and rainy weather, it´s time for something that is warms your soul. Check out these delicious recipes that are perfect for a little treat… and as a bonus, they have added health benefits.

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Improve immune system

8 tips to improve your immune system this winter

Many people wonder “How can I improve my immune system this winter?”, especially in the flu season. Since COVID-19, this question might be even more important than ever before. In fact, there are many things that you can do in everyday life to improve your immune system. Here are our...

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A wonderful ritual to prevent breast cancer

Did you know that studies indicate that breast massage is likely to reduce your risk of breast cancer? Researchers at the UC Berkeley and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found that mechanical forces alone could revert and stop the out-of-control growth of cancer cells. So squeezing on malignant mammary cells...

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