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5 questions to ask yourself

5 questions to ask yourself

As you may know, in light of the long journey we have had, living amongst the pandemic and all its ups and downs, we have felt it’s time to temporarily close The Re-Store and take some time for ourselves. However, we will be reopening in June with all your Re-Store...

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Hiking essentials

5 essentials for eco-conscious hikers

I’m sure everyone who is conscious about how important it is protect the environment, enjoys a few good hours of exercising in nature too. We, on our part love to go hiking! If your next outdoor adventure is also calling, make sure to pack the right things to keep you safe,...

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The way to a plastic free and low waste kitchen

While zero waste is an amazing idea, it’s important to know that “zero waste” is an ideal. Going zero waste doesn’t necessarily mean you will generate no waste at all. It is nothing more magical than simply trying to live less wastefully, one small step at a time. A look into your garbage bin tells...

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Eco Friendly Travel Essentials

Sustainable travel essentials for your summer holidays

Some of you might have planned a nice holiday trip, a family visit or a weekend away for this year´s summer holidays. Leave your own four walls behind and clear your head, whether by the sea or in the mountains. A break from everyday life - who doesn't need that...

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Festive Season Life Hacks

Festive Season lifehacks for your Kitchen

The end of the year is often spent enjoying quality time together with our friends and family. Such occasions typically involve a special meal and a glass or two of our favourite drink. We have put together some awesome lifehacks for your kitchen that make preparing, storing and disposing waste easier...

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