About Us

About Us

Welcome To The Family...

We are Wiebke and Leon, two people with a mission to make change: ‘one less plastic product’ at a time.

But how did our journey begin? Well, as a family, we realised how much plastic we were actually using and throwing away on a daily basis. It became a ‘natural’ part of our lives. Plastic packaging is almost everywhere: in the kitchen, the bedroom and the bathroom, to name a few. But what we started realising was that most of the plastic we used, couldn’t be recycled, and would eventually end up in landfills and in our oceans. We wanted to change that. At least in our household.

So, we got to work in changing our habits and eventually wanted to influence and share our journey with as many people as possible! This was the birth of The Re-Store.

Our Vision

The Re-Store is an Earth-conscious information platform, ECOmmerce-website but also a platform to start important conversations! We strive to reduce single-use plastic, plastic and waste in general and support all recycling and composting methods to lead a sustainable life and home.

We believe that we do not need to do everything perfectly from the start, but that it is important just to start. We want to show that this kind of lifestyle is not only for a small proportion of our society. It is fun and creative, aesthetic, easy and can be economic. It´s for everyone.

Our Mission

To make it as easy as possible for anyone to start an Earth-conscious lifestyle with simple swaps in their everyday life and thereafter, reducing plastic and waste pollution. The way to change is through the education and awareness and this is how we are spreading our message. So, our mission is simple: Reach to the whole of South Africa and create a community of eco-warriors – beginners and advanced – to unite and fight against pollution, for a better tomorrow.

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