The Re-Store Family

The Re-Store is a family business located in Durbanville, Cape Town

We aim to …


Reduce plastic and waste


Reuse every-day items and upcycle disposables


Recycle recyclable waste and compost at home

Why we started

As a family, we realised how much plastic we were actually using every day. It became a ‘natural’ part of our lives. Plastic packaging is almost everywhere: in the kitchen, the bedroom and the bathroom, to name but a few.


To date, mankind has produced over 8 billion tons of plastic. Once used, most of the plastic can’t be recycled and will end up in landfills and in our oceans. It harms our environment, kills animals, disrupts ecosystems and negatively influences climate change.

To crown it all, when plastic in the ocean is exposed to the elements, it breaks down to microplastics, containing dangerous chemicals and toxins which, through the marine food web, ends up in our bodies.


Considering this, we started to slowly but surely change our ways and habits and we would like to meet and motivate people who want to do the same. We believe that we don’t need to do everything perfectly from the start, but that it is important just to start. Everything is a process. Just one little thing that changes is still a change and a step towards a better future.



We have found some solutions to the plastic and waste problem and want to share them with you through The Re-Store.

We strive to reduce single-use plastic, plastic and waste in general and we support recycling and composting.  We offer alternatives in your everyday life and motivate you to unite and take the first step. We test all our products and have already integrated them into our daily lives.



  • is concerned about too much plastic packaging and wants to reduce it 
  • is interested in zero-waste living, organic products, an eco-friendly lifestyle and sustainability 
  • is looking for a green community and activities 
  • wants to grow with us
  • wants to learn more about ways in which we can all work together towards restoring our precious world

Join our Re-Store family and become part of a restored world. 

Our Family

The Faces of The Re-Store


Wiebke Venter

My awareness about plastic and waste started while I was travelling around the world. I saw so much waste lying around on the beaches, in the desert and the forests. I have a great appreciation for Mother Nature and I want to do my part to preserve her beauty and make sure that our children can experience the same.

When Leon and I moved in together, we both started to find ways to avoid plastic in our everyday life. It is a very exciting journey for us to explore old and new ways into a lifestyle with less waste. We are unbelievably happy to share this with you. 



Leon Venter

While growing up, I tried to understand how the world works and why things seem so unbalanced. Trying to make a difference and giving back to the world is a way for me of understanding.


I am Wiebke’s husband. Her understanding of the harm plastic does to our world fuelled my desire to start this project with her. I work behind the scenes and will be handling all your product requests with love. If there is anything that you cannot find on our site and would like us to stock, please let us know and we will do every effort to source it for you. I will also try to answer all of your questions to the best of my knowledge, so hit me up



Leani Venter

I really believe the cliché that you have to be the change that you want to see in the world. I want to see a world that uses plastic responsibly as it scares me to think what we are doing to our planet. I pick up trash when I see it, I don’t use plastic straws and I try to make people aware of the impact of plastic on our environment. I believe that every little bit helps.


Here at The Re-Store I am the numbers girl – I am responsible for all things financial, but I’m also always open for a chat about “how to be the change”.