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Apothecary Herbal Air Spray Ocean

The Apothecary Herbal Air Spray & Skin Spritzer

Get rid of odours and freshen up your skin or home with a delightful natural, floral fragrance. These Air Sprays and Skin Spritzer are free of any artificial fragrance. The cleansing Kalahari salt and essential oils, carried in pure mountain water and bacteriostatic glycerin will thoroughly freshen the air. Safe...

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Apothecary Decongesting Vapour Rub

The Apothecary Decongesting Vapour Rub

Rub onto chest or temples to ease congestion and fight infection in chest or sinuses. Tip: Will also deter insects.

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Apothecary Night Cream Bedtime Balm

The Apothecary Night Cream Bedtime Balm

The nightly facial moisturiser is a soft, rich balm with calming, restorative African oils and calming, rest inducing African essential oils. Best suited for evening application. Sinks in quickly for all night-long replenishment. Usage: Smooth gently over clean, toned skin.

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Apothecary Natural Deodorant Rose

The Apothecary Natural Deodorants

A highly effective, creamy deodorant that will pamper and support your body. Made with nourishing, edible ingredients, each carefully chosen for its multiple benefits, this deodorant inhibits bacterial growth, neutralises bad odour and pampers the skin. Available in 4 delicate fragrances: Rose & Geranium: a tranquil, floral fragrance Orange & Neroli:...

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The Aporhecary Citric Acid

The Apothecary Citric Acid

This is an excellent dishwasher rinse aid and multi-purpose cleaner that is naturally occurring and biodegrades easily. Citric acid kills bacteria, mold, and mildew. It is effective at removing soap scum, hard water stains, calcium deposits, lime, and rust. It is found naturally in food and water and biodegrades readily....

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