7 good reasons to make your bathroom more sustainable

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7 good reasons to make your bathroom more sustainable

There are many ways to begin your journey to a more sustainable and Earth-conscious lifestyle. Our recommendation is to start in the bathroom, as there are many easy swaps you can make. You can find solid soaps, bamboo toothbrushes, safety razors, shampoo bars and other alternatives in our shop. They are super easy to implement as first steps and just as good as conventional products.

But why should you even start with a sustainable bathroom? We have 7 more reasons for you:

1. Less microplastics in our rivers, lakes and seas

Whether in shower gel, shampoo or body scrubs, there are microscopic plastic particles that pollute our environment and, above all, water in a lot of the products that we use every day.

There two different types of microplastics:

  • Secondary microplastics come from larger plastic parts as they decompose and break down.

Primarily microplastics are found in conventional cosmetic products. It usually is some sort of small plastic balls that are mixed in with all types of scrubs. They pass through the water system to make their way into our rivers and seas.

Plastic is also used in as a binding agent. In liquids or gels, plastics are added to the products to achieve the desired consistency.

Microplastics are problematic because most sewage treatment plants cannot filter them out. So, these plastic particles remain in our water for hundreds of years – harming animals, humans, and even plants.

Swapping out conventional cosmetics for solid soap bars and shampoo bars are the most effective way to do your part in reducing the microplastics contaminating our rivers, lakes and seas. We also stock the loveliest selection of face creams like that of Back 2 Nature and The Apothecary, that are all free of microplastics.

2. Save finite resources

But it’s not only the plastics that are IN conventional cosmetics that are a problem. Almost all of our cosmetic products come in hard plastic packaging; the production of which requires the raw the use of crude oil.

Our sustainable alternatives items come without packaging or are only protected by a cardboard box, and our creams and washes come in glass or aluminium tins.

Using products that come with minimal packaging helps to save the earth’s finite resources.

3. Avoid packaging waste to stop climate change

The lifecycle of plastic has a big impact on our climate, since both the manufacturing process and plastic pollution are affecting climate change.

Harmful greenhouse gases are emitted at each of each stage of the plastic lifecycle: in the extraction and transport of fossil fuels to the refining, manufacturing and waste management. Plastic that ends up in the environment even continues to impact climate impacts as it degrades. Furthermore, plastic in our oceans can reduce the ability of phytoplankton to fix carbon through photosynthesis.

The multitude of products that are in our bathrooms contribute greatly to the rubbish we produce. If you choose to use alternatives that are unpacked or protected by non-plastic packaging you are making a big contribution to protecting the earth.

Read more about plastic and climate change here.

4. Minimising polluting water with aggressive chemicals

Many cosmetics are made of a mixture of water and chemical surfactants. Chemical ingredients should, among other things, help ensure that your shampoo smells pleasant, your shower gel has an appealing colour and good consistency, or your face cream has a longshelf life.

Many of these ingredients that are harsh chemicals end up contaminating our water.

Therefore, always pay attention to the ingredients of the products you use!

A lot of natural cosmetics that you can find in The-Re-Store use essential oils for the fragrance of our range of natural butters and body oils.

5. Benefit for your body

Looking at the contents of your products not only protect nature, but also your body.

For example, propylene glycol is a petroleum derivative found in shampoos and other personal care products. On the one hand, it’s used to prevent the water in the product from separating. However, propylene glycol can also cause skin irritation and allergic reactions for many people.

Parabens are also used in cosmetics, especially shampoos. They act as a preservative to prevent the growth of mould and bacteria. Parabens are also considered to be contact allergens. In other words, using products with parabens can cause skin irritation. It’s also been reported that parabens interfere with hormonal balance – they have a similar chemical structure to oestrogen that can lead to oestrogen dominance in the body. This imbalance can cause mood swings in women, and it increases the risk of cancer. In boys and teenagers it can stimulate breast growth.

6. Small effort, big impact

Another reason why you should make your bathroom more sustainable, is because the swaps are super easy to implement! One look in your bathroom cabinet is enough to expose possible culprits to be replaced with the ever growing range of sustainable alternatives.

Furthermore, this change will not be an additional burden on your wallet. Minimalism is now the order of the day in a sustainable bathroom. There is no longer a need for a rotation of cosmetics in your bathroom cabinets, only individually selected products.

7. Save some good money

Zero waste can actually save you tons of money!

Firstly, you´ll have a more minimalistic cabinet. And secondly, reusable and sustainable bathroom items are cheaper and consumables like soap or shampoo bars last longer.

Most people think an Earth-Consious lifestyle is very expensive. Something only fit for the wealthy. If you make some calculations, you will find that you can actually save good money with the right products.

See some calculations when reusable products pays off here.

We hope that these reasons are able to motivate you to make your bathroom more sustainable or to encourage you in your decision if you’ve already taken this step. Please let us know your experiences and tips!

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