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As a family, we realised how much plastic we were actually using every day. It became a ‘natural’ part of our lives. Plastic packaging is almost everywhere: in the kitchen, the bedroom and the bathroom, to name but a few. Once used, most of the plastic cannot be recycled and will end up in landfills and in our oceans. We started to change our ways and habits and wanted to share our journey with as many people as possible. With this in mind, we founded The Re-Store, an Earth-conscious information platform and ECOmmerce-website. We strive to reduce single-use plastic, plastic and waste in general and we support recycling and composting. We believe that we do not need to do everything perfectly from the start, but that it is important just to start. We want to show that this kind of lifestyle is not only for a small proportion of our society. It is fun and creative, aesthetic, easy and can be economic. It´s for everyone.


The products we choose to offer are pre-selected in regards to the following characteristics: plastic-free/-conscious, natural ingredients, health promoting, affordable, high quality and reusable with the objective to replace single-used items and therefore avoid a vast amount of waste. The products we choose to resell in our shop are overall healthy for our community and the planet. 70% of our products are locally produced from small businesses in South Africa. We test all our products and have already integrated them into our own daily lives. Besides our products being selected with plastic- and waste-minimisation in mind, we do not use plastic when we ship our products either. The little waste that our shop generates is being eco-bricked and recycled. We emphasise on transparency. Our website provides lots of product information regarding ingredients, packaging, vegan-friendliness, local production, so that you can make conscious decisions in order to meet your needs.


The Re-Store is a family-owned and -led project by Wiebke and Leon. We practice what we preach. We are real people wanting to drive the low waste movement in South Africa forward. Our vision is to create a network that reaches out though whole South Africa, to spread awareness, and make greener decisions easier.  Check our BLOG, RECOMMENDATIONS and SOCIAL MEDIA platforms for plenty of information about a low waste lifestyle and environmental topics. Connect with like-minded people through our COMMUNITY. Shop Earth-conscious alternatives to your everyday life items in our SHOP. This way we want to assist in restoring our beautiful planet.


Join our Re-Store family and become part of a restored world. 


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